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such as, Suncor Energy and, conocoPhillips Canada, WineCollective and, tannic have also made donations for both raffle prizes and the silent auction. Giving Back to the Community we share. When Deane visited the Bourdeaux region of France in the fall of 2012, he was treated to a tour of the vast network of caverns that runs beneath the Chateau de la Riviere Fronsac winery, one of the best natural wine cellars in the world. Rounding out the standouts at this years auction are two bottles of Italian wine which Deane describes as amazingly rare. Carl Deane descended into the narrow, sandstone labyrinth of caverns that honeycombs the dark earth beneath Chateau de la Riviere Fronsac in Bourdeaux, France, he knew hed found something special. For example, wine hunter. It just gets better and better.

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Raffle Prizes, tannic membership and a 6 pack of previously featured wines, a 650 value. By Rebekah Benoit, when. Its showing in a way that younger wines just cant theres so much balance, so much mellowness. Its now 51 years old, and its a dense, hearty wine its not a light zinfandel-ish kind of wine, Deane says. As a socially and environmentally conscious company, each year a portion of our profits are distributed to local, national and international non-profit organizations.

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